About Epiven

Epiven’s founders understand how to work with a Family Business as well as understanding doing business in China. I knew Epiven could find me the best possible partner in China for my business - and they did. I'm grateful for their support and recommend choosing Epiven to help in China.
CEO & Founder, Family Business
Epiven (君師) is abbreviated from Epiphany Ventures: where “Epiphany” means a sudden manifestation and realisation of the essential nature of something. The founding philosophy of our company is the desire to strive for insightful results in everything we do and for every client we represent.
A privately held firm, Epiven is made up of a seasoned team of European and Chinese executives. Susanna Pen and Dominic McGlinchey founded Epiven in Zurich Switzerland at the end of 2002 when they perceived an emerging China business development advisory trend in the Chinese family business and private equity industry due to the accession of China into the WTO.
Since its inception, Epiven has developed a full range of China specialist services for European families, entrepreneurs and private equity investors.
Epiven’s services typically require significant general management insights in addition to our strong execution ability in China. As a result, our projects are not industry specific, but are more focused on creating value from a shareholder perspective.
Epiven is considered by Family Groups and the European private equity industry as the leading China Specialist for Chinese business development and investment, and our clients are spread throughout Europe at the top league of their respective industries.
Organizationally, Epiven is a corporate entity comprised of Epiven Europe and Epiven China, with offices in Zurich, and Shanghai staffed by Epiven professionals.

Epiven Europe

Epiven Europe is led and managed by Dominic McGlinchey, and consists of our office in Zurich. The Zurich office was established in 2002 and is the headquarters of Epiven.

Epiven China

Epiven China is a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE). We established the Epiven China office in Shanghai with the aim to better serve our execution mandates that bridge European and Chinese co-operations..