Founding Philosophy

I have worked with many advisors over the years. Epiven’s unique approach to our projects proves the value of working with a team that have worked in industry as executives. Epiven’s results focus, operational experience, eye for business cultures and personal touch are what sets them apart.
Founder, Family Business
The exponential growth of China has whetted everyone’s appetite for expansion, but the current economic climate often breeds caution and indecision. Since 2002, Epiven has been helping organizations to overcome perceived barriers to China expansion, by developing low-risk opportunities tailored to specific business objectives to deliver specified financial targets.

As one of the earliest China specialist advisors, Epiven understands that most cross-border failures are not caused by inadequate capital, human talent, experience and / or networks, but from lacking the philosophy and mindset particular for doing business in China. Employing this philosophy and mindset are the most decisive ingredients for generating growth. By bridging both cultures, Epiven helps our clients to avoid the less tangible pitfalls and navigate through the fast-moving, changeable and cut-throat competition awaiting them in China.

Epiven’s unique position carries with it a formidable responsibility, as well as a duty, to shape the Chinese advisory industry. We have pioneered a China specialist service to support European family business and private equity executives who are committed to unleashing the typically untapped business value of Greater China. Epiven’s founders are entrepreneurs themselves and understand in their hearts what value means to an investor; what execution means to success; and what professionalism means to quality of work.

“Bridging Continents and Cultures” is at the core of everything Epiven does and we never lose sight of the often undetected or misinterpreted issues that arise due to cultural differences. Chinese business people and investors perceive risks as given, but opportunities as not so clear. Primarily, Chinese partners are looking more towards undertaking a journey of execution partnership rather than a transactional activity.

This journey requires resilience and life-vision. This is the journey that Epiven builds for our clients, for twelve years now - one full cycle of the Chinese Zodiac. This is the epiphany that Epiven ventures for our clients!