Professional Staff

Epiven cares about what we do and whom we recruit to enrich our entrepreneurial journey. We can only achieve that through well-rounded people who have a life vision and resilience. We look for people with "bridging" characters: humanity, self-reliance, resilience and a great desire to improve and to contribute.

Epiven’s staff typically are Chinese and have a Masters degree, often earned through study in Europe. Every staff member completes a rigorous in-house training on the values and tools used in Epiven. Epiven encourages all of our professional staff to undertake the Chartered Financial Analyst course of study, which is recognised for the depth of its financial knowledge as well as a strong emphasis on professional ethics.
Working with Epiven, you need to bear in mind that no mater how good you are, you can be better, and you have to be better!
Pei Pei Shen, MBA, UK
The experience at Epiven is definitely rewarding. I have gained exposure to multiple industries and learned how to think from the perspective of both management and strategic investors. It is the perfect workplace for people who love challenges and strive for a sense of fulfillment. The most important lesson I’ve learned at Epiven is that attitude matters. In order to make continuous progress, you need to “stay hungry, stay foolish”.
Charlotte Yang, MS in Finance, MS in Accounting, USA; passed CFA Level III
Through my work at Epiven, I have learnt to be detail-oriented while still keeping an eye on the big picture. We value the importance of precise data and subtle changes in financial statements, but we also bear in mind that it is cultural and economic perceptions that set us apart in providing value-adding services to our clients. For me, it is very rewarding to apply my knowledge of analysis and turn it into actual execution steps that can make changes to real businesses.
Becca Dong, MA in International Financial Analysis, UK; ACCA affiliate
I enjoy working here in a multi-cultural environment, and am impressed by the firm’s commitment with integrity to Sino-European investment advisory. I enjoy exposure to various industries and handling everything related to these. I look forward to my self-improvement and more contribution to Epiven as the professionalism that Epiven has shown me.
Wendy Yen, MA, China
Epiven was just what I was looking for as an investment advisory company - professional and always places clients as its first priority. Epiven also makes me start to believe that as long as you are persistent in the things you do, success will follow. When we hear back from the clients who appreciate the work we do, that’s the most enjoyable moment for me to work at Epiven. Epiven knows the industries and the players very well. At Epiven, there is always room for doing a better job and you feel you want to achieve this in every job you perform.
Sharon Wang, MSc, Australia
With Epiven, my career starts. I enjoy working here and have learned a lot from people in the firm. I have made great self-improvements with their help. What's more, Epiven's multi-cultural environment impressed me much!
Rosalyn Luo, MSc, China
For me Epiven is like a home where I grew up. I entered Epiven as a junior analyst and now I’m an associate. My favorite part of my work at Epiven is to incorporate our industry and China understanding into financial figures, which allows an investment plan to make more sense. Epiven differentiates itself from other advisory firms in that it's more customized and flexible. For our clients, we can always be flexible to meet their specific needs and we are fast in reacting to different situations. For our employees, we have a direct channel to talk with the senior management and learn from them.
Tracy Tang, MSc, UK
In Epiven, my career began. When I started at Epiven, it was like a college with a strict discipline and a high level professional atmosphere always focussed on making progress. But now, Epiven is more like a warm harbor that gives me courage and confidence to fight for the future.
Vivian Yu, MSc, UK