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At Epiven, we are proud to support our clients at each stage of their China journey. Before the vision, the execution and the results comes knowledge about doing business or investing in China. Epiven has undertaken significant primary research over the years to aid our clients. Why? Because we find much secondary research is un-actionable.

“China is big and so is the opportunity it presents, but there are many unique risks”.

The previous sentence describes the summary of most secondary research, analyses, articles and third party reports available on China, independent of the industry sector. At Epiven, we like to dig deeper, to understand not just what the total market size is, but what the addressable market size is for our clients, given their unique resource constraints?

Regarding risks, which risks are country specific and which are a result of a Western business model that does not fit the industry logic prevalent in China? How can risks be mitigated? How can the risk and opportunities of doing business in China be balanced?

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Epiven Research
Our research focus includes industry sectors and groups that have been successful in doing business and investing in China, e.g. Overseas Chinese Family Conglomerates, Mainland Chinese Families and Chinese Private Equity.

Much of our research is bespoke and for our clients only, but over the years we have made some research available to a wider audience.

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