A Good China Partner is the Key

Whether you are an Executive or an Investor, when you consider being successful in China, each scenario has a common element. Success in China requires finding and working with a good partner. Like Epiven, every client is an expert in their own field or industry. Epiven’s core expertise is finding and working with Chinese players that match the business goals and business cultures of our clients.

These partners can span the spectrum from commercial suppliers, distributors, joint venture partners, investments and investors.
Naturally, Epiven’s clients have the expertise to qualify and work with partners in their home markets, but we are specialists in China, which needs local knowledge to succeed.We simplify the Partner Selection process for our clients to the simple choice of having Epiven being your China Partner.

In addition to our core expertise of Chinese Partner Selection, we have a number of other services specific to Executives, Private Equity Funds and High Net Worth Families, including China Opportunity Assessment.

Bespoke Solutions for Every Client

The Chinese economy has been doubling every seven years, so what worked before for investors and executives needs to be continuously updated. Every Epiven project, whether large or small, is built on our twelve years experience and our expertise at adapting to the dynamic market in China.

Every project requires a unique solution, so each Epiven mandate is a bespoke project.

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