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It is always a pleasure working with experts. Epiven’s negotiations with our China partner ensured we would hit our financial and operational targets. They understand what it means to increase EBITDA in a private equity backed business.
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Executives in private equity invested and family owned businesses face different constraints when creating value, particularly when it comes to China.

Family owned businesses may have a longer time horizon but a lower appetite for investment, due to the desire to provide dividends to shareholders. They may attract Chinese entrepreneurial families as partners more easily due to similar mindsets, or be more open to longer term joint ventures.

Private Equity backed businesses will vary in their approach to working in China depending where they are in the private equity investment lifecycle, normally tied to the private equity fund duration. Soon after an investment, they may be more open to investing to reap longer term returns, while towards the end of the investment holding period, they may seek activities that provide some “China magic dust”, allowing an exit and value creation path for the next investor.

Epiven’s services for Executives fall under our China Company Transformation suite of services.

Epiven has published proprietary primary research from a cross-section of European Executives on their views on creating value from China.

Some interesting highlights include:

  • Only 16% do not discuss China at the Board level, with 48% discussing the topic very frequently
  • 49% have a strategic plan to increase revenue from China
  • 30% are planning cost savings from Chinese activities
  • 20% are considering the sale of their business to Chinese investors

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