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One of our companies needed an operational and financial partner in China. Epiven found us the partner and helped us negotiate a structure that met the family’s goals.
CEO & Family Member, Family Office
Globalization means that China impacts all parts of the investment management process from fund raising, to deal flow, to investment due diligence,to governance, value creation and exit.

Recent studies have shown that Operational Improvements, i.e. increasing EBITDA, are a bigger factor in value creation for private equity funds and family businesses than multiple expansion or the use of leverage.

Many private equity shareholders recognise this and employ Industrial Operating Partners that are there to support executives in business transformation and growth.

Epiven's China Operating Partnership Suite of services is designed to assist general partnerships and Family holding companies to drive value creation from China activities.

Over the years, Epiven has worked with Private Equity funds and Family Holdings acting as their operating partner specialised in the Greater China region. From originating deals with Chinese potential, to qualifying a target with China expansion possibilities, to supporting executive teams in a China transformation, to portfolio management of a Chinese investment, to exiting deals to Chinese investors, Epiven makes sure that we deliver EBITDA results to shareholders and boards.

Epiven contacted European family and private equity shareholders with over €22b Assets Under management to understand their views on China. Some highlights include:

  • 50% saw their companies facing competition from Chinese businesses
  • 64% were considering a future exit to a Chinese buyer
  • 82% planned to source deals with (potential) activities in China
  • 45% planned to raise funds from China in the future

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