Past Projects

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Epiven is a specialist on China. As such, we do not focus on any specific industry. In fact, we have been successful across a broad range of industry sectors, which is a testament to our general management perspective.
Epiven employs a systematic and thorough approach in each of our mandates, where we help our clients not only find the best possible partners, but also help our clients to built up their own relationships and expertise to execute in China for themselves. Long gone are the days where a China advisor only promises that “they have a good network”.
Our results speak for themselves. Since inception Epiven has never failed in a project. The following table shows a cross section of our mandates.
Our typical mandates span the spectrum from commercial activities to cross-border investment.
A common red thread is that all of our mandates are highly strategic and add significant shareholder value. Our mandates reflect the reality of business and investing in China today, covering various technology sectors, industrial business to business activities and consumer focused high end business to consumer sectors. While we are not an investment firm, we have worked on mandates that span the whole investment value chain, from fund structuring; fund raising; investment sourcing; deal due diligence, structuring and negotiation; and portfolio management.

Some Detailed Examples

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