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Epiven Services
Epiven provides a full range of China advisory services for Executives, Family Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Private Equity managers, helping them overcome their China business challenges and seize their China opportunities.

Our suite of services can be grouped into five categories:

  • Business Development
  • Partner Selection
  • Joint Venture Support
  • Corporate Finance
  • Board Advisory

Epiven's Services can support you whatever you business need

China Business Development

Rather than build up or commit your internal resources to a China business development process, where there will likely be a lengthy ramp up period and frequent trips to China to gather data, Epiven provide a range of services to kick start your business development efforts.
  • Opportunity Assessments
  • Industry Assessments
  • Competition Assessments
  • Company Assessments
  • B2B Sales lead generation
  • Portfolio Assessment
  • China Operating Partner

Partner Selection Services

Finding a good China partner is rightly considered as one of the key success factors for a market entry. This partnership may be commercial or entail a strategic partnership. Either way, one requires a systematic approach to filtering and selecting the best partner.
  • Partner Filtering
  • Partner Selection
  • Partner Due Diligence
  • Distributor Re/Negotiation
  • Supplier Re/Negotiation

Joint Venture Management

Joint Venture management is one of Epiven's key strengths. While is also relies on components of the Partner Selection services, it is also more strategic and nuanced.

Joint Ventures are perhaps the most common means to enter the China market and have been for many years. Today, potential JV partners are drawn from a pool of businesses that have proven their ability to compete in the fiercely competitive China market. These entrepreneurs are successful and much more international than before.

On the other hand, many Western businesses find themselves in Joint Ventures, formed in the past, where the China partner has perhaps more of a state owned mentality or there has been a drift in the goals of the JV partners. In these cases Western players either wish to reinvigorate their partnerships or work towards new China business structures.
  • JV Objectives and Strategy review
  • JV Partner Qualification
  • JV transaction execution
  • JV Board Advisory

Corporate Finance Services

Epiven have vast experience in managing and closing corporate finance transactions for strategic corporate clients and private equity funds.
  • Finding Chinese Investors
  • M&A Transaction Execution & Support
  • Chinese IPO Preparation

Board Advisory Services

As most of our projects are at a strategic level we have built up a full suite of services to support Board's in developing business in China and capturing the value created for shareholders.
  • Board Decision & Governence Support
  • Senior Team Restructuring and Placement Support
  • CEO / CFO Placement Support
  • Business Budget Planning & Review
  • Business KPI Reports

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Epiven China
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