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A China advisory for Executives and Investors
As the leading China Specialist, Epiven provides a full range of China advisory services for Executives, Family Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Private Equity managers, helping them to overcome their China business challenges and to seize their China opportunities. Our clients are spread across Europe and China, representing the top tier of their respective industries, from publicly listed to privately held, ranging in size from Euro billion revenue to pre-revenue.

Founded by a team of experienced industry executives in 2002, Epiven’s advisory business focuses on delivering measurable business results in China for our clients, including many of our Chinese clients that seek out our experience and insights of improving business in China. All of our advice is actionable - in fact, we typically are the ones that have to implement it on behalf of our clients.

Epiven has never had an unsatisfied client, a track record that we are very proud of. 80% of our business is from client referrals. When you work with Epiven, the managing partners of Epiven work for you in delivering results because the complexity and fast changing dynamic of China requires experienced senior partners to drive your project and assist a successful implementation of the project objectives.

Whether you are starting to formulate a China strategy, planning a China market entry, seeking to improve your existing Chinese activities, or planning a China program for a portfolio of businesses, Epiven is your first stop.

Finding a China advisory that you want to work with takes time. Connect with Epiven and learn how Epiven has succeeded for 15+ years in
Bridging Continents and Cultures™.

Our high calibre team …

Susanna Pen and Dominic McGlinchey, having met while studying together at IMD, founded Epiven in 2002 when they perceived an emerging China business development advisory trend due to the accession of China into the WTO.

In their roles as Executives in large MNCs and private equity backed businesses, they had experience working as clients of big name consultancies and banks. These experiences led to the founding philosophy of Epiven, where we focus on delivering value by creating business results, not just providing advice.

Epiven’s services typically require significant general management insights in addition to our strong execution ability in China. Typically, our projects focus on creating value from partnerships.

In addition to the founders, Epiven consists of a team of high calibre professionals in Shanghai, all of whom are Chinese, all with exceptional international experience with "bridging" characters: humility, self-reliance, resilience and a great desire to improve and to contribute.
I have worked with many advisors over the years. Epiven’s unique approach to our projects proves the value of working with a team that have worked in industry as executives. Epiven’s results focus, operational experience, eye for business cultures and personal touch are what sets them apart.
Founder & Serial Entrepreneur, Family Business

… advises European clients at all stages of their China journey …

China Strategy Formulation

What are the opportunities and challenges that you may encounter in developing business in China? What Chinese competition am I likely to face, both in China or in my home markets? Can I sell my business or raise capital from a Chinese investor? Should I act now or wait with regard to my China activities?
Epiven have a suite of advisory services to help you in answering these questions for your business.
When it comes to developing my business in China, I will only work with Epiven because of their excellent strategic knowledge and results. I also am happy to refer Epiven within my network when a contact wishes to formulate a realistic China strategy.
CEO, Founder, Publicly Listed, Germany

China Market Entry

You have decided to unlock the potential of China for your business. After the strategy comes the execution. You need to structure your entry so you not only create value from China but also capture that value, whether you are entering greenfield, partnering or acquiring.
Epiven have a suite of advisory services to help you in achieving these goals for your business.
Epiven’s ability to bridge cultures goes from the Strategic to the Operational. I have launched and developed international markets worldwide for thirty years, and have never seen the quality of partner that Epiven found for us in China.
Commercial Director & Founder, Family Business, Switzerland

China Joint Venture

Joint Ventures in China are highly complicated and pose great strategic challenges for any foreign investor. These complications are not driven by China’s opaque regulatory and administrative system, but mainly as a result of ambiguous corporate objectives and untutored expectations about results quantified within a specific time frame. The complexities and opportunities derive from China’s dynamic market and regulatory regime.
Epiven has, since being founded, developed a Chinese JV Service Program to help our clients not only obtain a firm foothold in China but also continue to expand with the capital they generate from the Chinese market, including capturing the high valuations available via an IPO in China.
When you need a partner in China, you need Epiven. In our project, our initial perception was a Chinese partner might not be able to match our rigorous quality requirements. Epiven found us a China based international partner that satisfied all of our criteria.
COO, Management Buy Out, UK

China Business Management

What are the best practices for managing a business in China, whether 100% owned and managed by a local CEO or a business set up with a Chinese partner? Perhaps you are looking to turnaround or accelerate the business performance, hire a new CEO, or evaluate a local investment. Epiven have a suite of advisory services to help you in answering these questions for your business.
The team at Epiven took a very systematic and professional approach to championing our business in Asia. Epiven work with the mindset of shareholders rather than advisors.
CEO, Founder, Family Business, Portugal

China Portfolio Management

You may be a MNC with a number of business units active in China, perhaps a Family Office or Private Equity manager with a portfolio of investee companies all with varying degrees of exposure to the China market. How do you fold China into your new investment, business management and company exit processes? How do you manage groupwide China exposure, reporting and strategy? Epiven have a suite of advisory services to help you in achieving your goals for your portfolio.
Epiven found an exceptional China partner for a company that we invested into. I have subsequently referred Epiven to other executives in our portfolio when China is a topic.
Partner, PE Fund, UK

… and Chinese clients expanding internationally and domesticly …

European Market Entry

Perhaps you are seeking European brands, technology or distribution. Epiven are experienced at sourcing acquisition targets or partners as well as closing deals, and ensuring best practices for post merger integration.
Epiven was a one-stop shop for us when we recently acquired a Swiss Cosmetics business. They found us the target and drove the acquisition process from start to closing.
CEO, Chinese Publicly Listed Family Business, China

International Business Management

Western partners expect a level of professional management and reporting beyond that typically found in Chinese businesses. Epiven can help prepare your business for a Western partner or a domestic IPO.
Now, when I am approched by a Western company seeking to partner or to invest in my firm, I direct them to my financial adviser - Epiven. They are like an extra leg to my business.
CEO, Founder, Family Business, China

… with a 100% success track record …

China Value Creation Case Studies

Our mandates reflect the reality of business and investing in China today across many industry sectors.

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